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It's Okay, That's Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야) Quotes [Korean Drama]

Drama Title: 괜찮아, 사랑이야
English Title: It's Okay, That's Love
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Medical
No. of Episodes: 16
Broadcast Channel: SBS
Original Run: July 23, 2014 - September 11, 2014

(Episode 1)
"Whenever life is difficult, we always think that there is no way to live. There is hope no matter how difficult the situation is."
Ji Hae Soo

(Episode 3)
"Kind people can give pain too."
Ji Hae Soo

(Episode 4)
"We have to hate sin, not people."
Jo Dong Min

(Episode 5)
"Park Soo Gwang: Tell me how to date girls.
Jang Jae Yeol: Just let them go. If you try to get her, you'll lose. If you prepare to lose them, the chance of you getting the girl is bigger."

"It will give you pain, blame, hurt, sadness, despair and misery. It'll also give the strength to overcom those. It has to be at least that to be love."
Jang Jae Yeol

(Episode 6)
"Love will give them strength to endure a misfortune."
Ji Hae Soo

(Episode 9)
"There's no such thing as getting hurt and losing out when it comes to love. Love creates both lasting memories and reasons to celebrate."
Jo Dong Min

(Episode 10)
"Deep emotional scars always have a way of making a person fall sick and ill."
Lee Young Jin

"The sexiest kind of relationship in this world is true friendship between a man and a woman."
Jo Dong Min

(Episode 11)
"The thing that truly controls us are the habits that have been embedded in us."
Ji Hae Soo

"You become the weaker one because you're not free at heart. Not the worry of needing to get back as much as you give but knowing that being able to love is enough to be okay and happy. That's what it means to be free at heart."
Jang Jae Yeol

(Episode 16 - Finale)
"Love isn't sacrificing something for the other person, it's accomplishing something."
Jang Jae Yeol

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