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Angel Eyes (엔젤 아이즈) Quotes [Korean Drama]

Drama Title: 엔젤 아이즈
English Title: Angel Eyes
Genre: Melody, Romance, Family, Medical Drama
No. of Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: SBS
Original Run: April 5, 2014 - June 15, 2014

(Episode 1)
"People always say this. Things that they do everyday habitually is so easy that they can close their eyes and do it. But there's nothing like that. Where you can actually close your eyes and do something that easily."
Yoon Soo Wan

(Episode 2)
"Will I really be able to see? Honestly, I really want to see. I thought it wouldn't matter if I couldn't see, there's no reason not to endure living like this, if I think of it as a punishment. But dad, what should I do? There's someone I really want to see. How he looks at me, how he looks when he laughs. Will a day I can really see him come?"
Yoon Soo Wan

(Episode 4)
"Only people who have lost something dazzling know how blessed it is to be able to see what you want to see every day."
Yoon Soo Wan

"It's because it is the human brain. It is because we are human. It means that we are affected by our heart. I heard that it is split into two parts. Either you are very desperate or it hurts too much."
Cha Min Soo

(Episode 9)
"Just because it's your first love, doesn't mean that it's all childish."
Park Dong Joo

(Episode 10)
"Loving someone so deeply, can become so painful."
Yoon Soo Wan

"Yoon Soo Wan: What happens if our love turns into pain someday?
Park Dong Joo: I've already gone through that. No matter how much it hurts, you can't stop love. To not love, is more painful than losing love."

"It's best to keep enemies close."
Oh Young Ji

(Episode 11)
""I'm sorry." "I made mistake." Does that make it okay? Will his hurt feelings go away with just an apology?"
Park Hye Joo

(Episode 12)
"It's harder to believe the truth, when it cuts to the bone."
Choi Jin Sang

(Episode 16)
"While knitting thread by thread you think of that person. Even if your attention wanders for a moment, as if repenting for a wayward heart, you have to unravel it from the place it went wrong and restart from that place. And since it's the only one in the whole world, and because it's a present that can't fit as well or look as good on someone else. That it was the same heart as loving someone."
Park Hye Joo

"Although breaking up because you love someone seems to be from a cheesy song in the'88, but inside there's sincerity. That's why love is a load of crap."
Kim Woo Chul

(Episode 17)
"Normally when a person is too deeply saddened, even tears don't flow."
Joo Tae Seob

(Episode 18)
""If..." it's all useless. No matter how hard you think, there are things you can't return or change."
Park Dong Joo

(Episode 20 - Finale)
"Parting because of love? That's the shittiest thing ever. That's not real parting. It's just pretending. Do you know what the most painful way to part is? Separation by death. No matter how much you miss them, they don't exist in this world. That's the saddest thing."
Village Mayor (Bo Ram's Father)

"If you could measure how much you love someone with a ruler, it's not while you're loving them but it's through the pain after you lose them. That you can hurt this much, that you can be this sad, that you can miss them so much. It tells you how much you love them everyday."
Yoon So Wan

"A love that isn't professed isn't love. Even if you feel love inside, if no one knows it, if the person who should know doesn't know then it's nothing."
Park Hye Joo

[No specific episode]
* if anyone can tell me which episode this two is please comment below.
I can't remember.

"Letting go is love too."
Cha Min Soo

"A one-sided love is still love. But it may hurt because you're left wanting. It hurts when you think about that person. But it's still better to know love, right?"

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