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Hi guys, I just want to share something about this New South Korean Group, "N.O.M".
This group is frequently mistaken for the N.O.M who debuted on the late 2013.
At first I've mistaken the N.O.M to the other N.O.M, confusing right? hehe
Here's a little detail for the two groups who shares the same name, but with different meaning ...
and in all other aspects.

Let's start first with this N.O.M

Name of the Group: N.O.M
Group Name Meaning: Nature of Man
Year Debuted: 2013
No. of Members: 4
Concept: Gay Concept

Yes, this group is the N.O.M with gay concept and known for gay members.
Are you looking for this or the other N.O.M?

Members: Q, Kom, Nio, J.K

Heres the other N.O.M you might be looking for

Name of the Group: N.O.M
Group Name Meaning: No Other Man
Year Debuted: September 2013
No. of Members: 5
Concept: Kpop

I actually have no idea what genre are they into. I searched for this group's whereabouts but found "Nature Of Man - N.O.M" instead. Funny right.

(here's a little story ^__^)
When I was at the mall and found out that NOM is going to perform then and there, I was like.. oh that group was the one with the gay concept!
HAHAHA~ Glad I watched them perform... I found out how awesome they are and the members are oh so handsome! (and cute) ...
I just found out that there are 2 N.O.M's when I got home after their performance. LOL poor fangirl

(from left to right)
Yohan, Hu, K, A-In, Yongki

I hope this helps, especially to those who just found out about this group and unfortunately mistaken them from N.O.M to N.O.M or N.O.M to other N.O.M 

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