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The King of Dramas Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title : 드라마의 제왕
English Title : The King of Dramas
Genre : Satire, Comedy, Romance
No. of Episodes : 18
Original Channel : SBS
Original Run : November 5, 2012 - January 8, 2013
The King of Dramas OST
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(Episode 1)

"Do you know what is really innocent? Focusing on the goal. Whether it's money or success, I just focused on it innocently."
Anthony Kim

"Baseball is dependent on a pitcher, and a drama is dependent on a writer."
Anthony Kim

(Episode 2)

"You don't dream so that you can remember it. You dream to achieve it."
Anthony Kim

(Episode 3)

"I can't take this opportunity by breaking a promise."
Lee Go Eun

(Episode 5)

"If you awake the latent desire, it will find its enemy to be overthrown."
Anthony Kim

"It's not the winner has the last laugh after winning. The one who gets the last laugh wins."
Oh Jin Hwan

(Episode 7)

"Life threatening battles should only be fought by gladiators."
Anthony  Kim

(Episode 8)

"Pros and amateurs all make mistakes."
Anthony Kim

(Episode 9)

"Miracle is not something you wait for but something you make."
Anthony Kim

"You know wha't crueler than money? Human ambition."
Chairman for Loan

(Episode 10)

"As one gets older, his needless worries grow bigger, too."
Nam Woon Hyung

"I may not believe anybody in this world, I may not even believe in myself sometimes, but that me believes in you."

Anthony Kim

(Episode 15)

"What idiot gives up his dream for love?"

Anthony Kim

"Humans are innately selfish."

Anthony Kim

"Have you ever even shed tears for love?"

Lee Go Eun

(Episode 16)

"Does the woman express the feelings first? It is the man who has to open up first!"

Park Suk Hyun

(Episode 18 - finale)

"Even if you can't see, I will make you be able to feel it."
Lee Go Eun
"Even if we have to endure a life like a third-rater with light sleeping and page-by-page scripts, those minutes and seconds of our respective moments will make us later remember ourselves in this right moment."
Anthony Kim

"Most women don't realize how they really feel."

Kang Hyun Min

The King of Dramas OST
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