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Kill Me, Heal Me (킬미, 힐미) Quotes | Korean Drama

Drama Title: 킬미, 힐미
English Title: Kill Me, Heal Me
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Medical, Mystery
No. of Episodes: 20
Broadcast Channel: MBC
Original Run: January 7 ㅡ March 12, 2015

(Episode 2)
"A man's pure love is women's dreams."
Han Chae Yeon

"Don't try to hurt others just because you were wronged. If you keep saying that you were wronged, you will just resent that person more. Turn that feeling of being wronged into a door leading to self-improvement."
Episode 2

(Episode 8)
"A Help is is not decided by the person who is giving the help but the person who is receiving the help."
Oh Ri Jin

(Episode 10)
"Fear is something you make yourself."
Shin Se Gi

(Episode 12)
"If there is faith between you relationship, there won't be any problem."
Cha Do Hyun

(Episode 13)
"Oh Ri Jin: What is a first love to a guy? Is it something that isn't easily folded? Is it something that you want to unfold again after folding it? Even if there is a fold mark, do you not care?
Oh Ri On: It differs on the situation. If it folds in one go, then it's thank you. If you open it up again then it's lingering attachment. If you open it twice then it's sadness. If you open it three times, it's pain. After unfolding it over and over again and it becomes ragged, that's how the heart gets ripped. And when ripped, you just deal with it until you've gone numb. That;s how it is."

(Episode 20)
"Fear is something created by oneself, and is the fruit of one's imagination."
Mr. X

"Couple rings are the world's sweetest handcuffs."
Oh Ri Jin

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