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Pretty Man (Bel Ami) Quotes | Korean Drama Quotes

Drama Title: 예쁜남자
English Title: Pretty Man / Bel Ami
Genre: Romance, Comedy
No. of Episodes: 16
Original Channel: KBS2
Original: Run: November 20, 2013 – January 9, 2014

(Episode 1)
"They say daughters are thieves."
Kim Bo Tong

"Housewives are all like that. When their husband meets another woman, assuming that that woman is a gold digger, so their self confidence doesn't rot."
Dokgo Ma Te

(Episode 2)
"About money, if you consider it trivial, it will disappear trivially. If you consider it valuable, it will grow valuable. Money is a living thing."
Jaek Hee

"Solving it yourself is the fastest way to learn."
Jaek Hee

(Episode 3)
"In the place where the heart is, there's time."
Dogko Ma Te

"Money is a living being. If you bring it up with care, money too will grow to unimaginable amount. But, if it grows too big it'll eat me up. In the end a person like me disappears and only money remains."
Dokgo Ma Te

(Episode 4)
"This 'what if' really torments people."
Electric Fairy

(Episode 5)
"The body speaks the truth of the heart."
Electric Fairy

(Episode 6)
"A person can't control their own heart."
Electric Fairy

(Episode 8)
"The world cannot be explained with just the relationship between men and women."
Dokgo Ma Te
"If you have big ambitions, you end up digging your own grave."
Myo Mi

(Episode 9)
"You don't really need a reason to like."
Kim Bo Tong

(Episode 12)
"A woman has to be with a man who loves her more than she does."
Kim Bo Tong

"All human beings are alike. It's in a human's nature to betray others if it means that there's something for them to gain."
SS Home Shopping Chairman

(Episode 13)
"For justice, even the process needs to be just."
Lee Kim

(Episode 14)
"Love, it's very scary. It makes a sensible man into a senseless man. It makes a man in despair, laugh."
Hong Yu Ra

(Episode 15)
"There are times when facts are sources of lasting pain."
Yeo Mim

"There are times when it's better not knowing the truth."
Yeo Mim

(Episode 16 - Finale)
"People, when they are too, too sorry, they can't even say they're sorry. They can't say it because the words aren't even enough to express their sorrow."
Lee Mal Ja

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